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Build your wedding from the ground up
party platforms
SOUND systems
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venue lighting
giant love letters
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photography & video+Aerial video


next step is to have a planning meeting  It is an industry leading unbeatable win win offer that has saved our customers countless thousands over the years You pay a fixed day rate & we add in all our best equipment The way we see it is that we are already there at your venue for the day/night & all our equipment is already loaded on the van so we will go the extra mile & deliver that Wow Factor giving you the best looking & sounding event Build up to 50% discountcompared to our individual hire prices Add to that the £100 referral bonus for every customer you put our way who books any of our services Over 90% of all our clients are from repeat business & recommendations half price offer across all services for 1st time business customers What is our famous "with you for the day"deal that is available across all our services?







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What is yours ?
Every wedding is unique ready to build yours? lets dive in to our giant lego set for weddings to get some inspiration
The "Nemo" The "Nemesis" comes with 55" display The "Nautilus" comes with 55" display
start with your platform, the main focal point
  "Nexo ps15" speakers powered by "camco vortex" 4k of glorious rich clarity "the kraken" 10k of crystal clear brute force
Sound systems
  "when your wedding is tingling with light it makes all the difference" "the kraken" 10k of crystal clear brute force
venue Lighting
giant love letters
Set off your wedding reception with our giant love letters. Perfect
evening reception photography photography with live printing for guests caricatures make the perfect gift photo booth & back Illuminated booth
photography & video+Aerial video
wedding photography a full range of options are available: Engagement shoot. wedding day highlights morning to night. stunning wedding album. your story beautifully captured wedding videography a full suite of services are available: full wedding day highlights aerial videography is also an option your story, your emotions in motion
so now you have the main options there are so many more extras we offer including our secret one we invented it is oh so sweet we will read you in on it when we meet you
feeling excited? cool, we will match you & raise your feeling to the next level ... 1st step is to get a planning meeting booked call us on 0345 3405040 we handle everything
Your vision is our passion
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